Specializing in the production of a variety of car headlights, after tail lights, front and rear anti fog lights, front grille, wheel cap, fan, lamp box, tank mask, internal and external accessories, bumper. Applicable to BYD S6, S7, Qin, L3, old and new speed sharp, G6 and G5, Strattera, G3, F6, new and old F3, F3 and F0, etc.

  • Meet GB25991-2010 standards

    Jinma fully conforms to the LED standard for automotive GB25991-2010.

  • Meet GB19152-2003 standards

    Jinma fully compliance with the GB19152-2003 standard for the headlight of the portable motorcycle.

  • Leading technology in China

    Domestic leading technology, has a number of invention patents, utility model patents, patent.

  • Long life

    Long life, 15 years without the need to replace the light source, can be used to meet the family car for life.

  • Simple installation, strong versatility

    The installation is simple, general, and can meet the market 90% of the vehicle use.

  • Energy saving

    High end technology, energy saving and environmental protection, cost-effective than xenon headlights.